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Our Story

Woof Stuff dog treat story started when our dog Zuomo was rescued from a busy road at 8 weeks old.

Zuomo has grown up with us and has always loved our home baking. Woof Stuff has been created for the love of dogs, based on Zuomos response to the oven aromas.

Our new Dog Treats are made by the Irish pet food company, Connolly's Red Mills, we are very proud to be working with them.

Woof Stuff has won 5 finalist agri- business awards since November 2016 and continues to strive to create treats that your pet loves.

Our treats are:

Carrot Bones 

Spinach Bones

Sweet Potato Bones

We have recently launched a range of 100 % cotton and Poly cotton reversible Dog Bandanas made in Ireland. They are available in five sizes, and are fitted around your dog's collar especially for their comfort. We are thrilled with the very positive feedback from pet lovers in Ireland and abroad about our Dog Fashions. Latest addition to our collections are our lovely dog cushions, for dog lovers and their friends.


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