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                                                          Privacy Policy

Woof Stuff LTD gathers a specific amount of information from you in order to provide an online shopping service. We gather the information provided by you during the sale of goods and services/ online inquiries. The specific data we store for a maximum of six years is as follows: Name, Address, Email, Phone Numbers plus any further information you provide to Woof Stuff LTD. Woof Stuff LTD will correct or amend your details on your request. You can also request to have the processing of your personal data halted by Woof Stuff LTD.


Woof Stuff LTD may gather your information relating to promotional activity and any information you provide when contacting us. Woof Stuff LTD also reviews usage and usage patterns of this site to help maintain and improve services to you. Woof Stuff LTD respects your right to privacy and take seriously the responsibility of protecting your data and using it only for purposes intended for Woof Stuff LTD.

Personal Information, what and why Woof Stuff LTD collects customer information.

Woof Stuff LTD only requests information from it's customers in order to process and dispatch orders from this website, this data will be held for a maximum of six years. Woof Stuff LTD does not share your data with other businesses.Woof Stuff LTD will disclose customers personal data if in good faith it is believed that the company is required to disclose in order to comply with any applicable law, a summons, a search warrant, a court or regulatory order, or other statutory requirement. 

How long personal information is held:

Woof Stuff LTD will hold personal data, for a maximum period of six years.


Woof Stuff's website is built using The cookies implemented by on wix websites are set out below :

Cookie Name                             Life Span                                 Purpose

svSession                                    Permanent                               Creates activities and BI
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XSRF-TOKEN                               Persistent cookie                       Security
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Woof Stuff LTD will update its privacy policy from time to time and publish on this website.

Woof Stuff LTD's Data Protection Officer is :

Pauline Fitzgerald Email address:

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